ASMR In A Single Tap

Get your ASMR in an instant. Say goodbye to searching for ASMR with ASMR Radio. Live curated ASMR audio, anytime you want.
Always On

Simplify your life with always on ASMR.
Ultimate Interface

Easy and simple interface with a built in chat window.
Available Globally

ASMR Radio will be out for download everywhere.
Album Artwork

Beautiful Album art pictures to compliment the experience with information on the ASMRtist.

Loud Radio Adverts?
Not On ASMR Radio

There is nothing worse than listening to ASMR only to be shocked awake by a loud advertisement. We know our audience and we promise to never play such ads on our radio station*.

Soundscapes, Podcasts,
Guided Meditations, Live ASMRtists and More

Take the effort out of having to choose and tune in for an always changing, always unique experience. The station also features whispered inspirational quotes to start your day off just right.

Have unique audio to share? We want to hear from you! Email us:

Simplify Your Life,
One Day At A Time

ASMR Radio will change the way you live your daily life. Whenever your ready, tap the app and relax. Its that simple.

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* ASMR Radio App comes with multiple stations, ASMR Radio station is the only one to offer such non-intrusive advertisements. The App does come with ads that show on opening the app but these can be disabled with an in-app purchase.